Color Sealant

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All pharmaceutical and organic made color sealant. Apply five times a day for five days, to any new permanent makeup procedure. It keeps the area moist, helps heal and has the best color retention results. Best chosen over A&D ointment, which is a petroleum based product that causes color loss.

You’ll have your clients coming back asking for more! Once they’ve used it on their lips after having them done, they’ll never want to use anything else. Used after the healing process, it not only helps with keeping the lips moist and soft, but also with color retention.

Lip balm tube contains 5 ml of Color Sealant. Jar contains 6 oz. (approx. 180ml) of Color Sealant.

Ingredients listed below:

pharmaceutical grade lanolin, soy oil, unbleached beeswax, organic rosemary oil, organic calendula oil and organic vitamin E oil.


6 oz. Jar, Lip Balm Tube

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